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One-on-one ABA therapy in Austin, Texas 

With no waitlist, Action Behavior Centers can assist children on the autism spectrum right away.


About Action Behavior Centers' ABA Therapy

Our early intensive Applied Behavior Analysis therapy program is designed for young children that face some of the developmental deficits associated with autism, including delays in verbal or nonverbal communication, social skills, and daily living skills.

What Makes Us Different


At Action Behavior Centers, we can enroll your child immediately. Long waitlists are a core problem in the autism community, and when it comes to starting therapy for autism, every day matters. Scientific studies show that children who begin ABA therapy as early as possible (18 months to 2 years) show more significant improvements in their development than those who start therapy at later ages.


We are extremely selective in hiring ABA therapists who combine clinical excellence with a passion for working with children. We require our therapists to be RBT certified and have rigorous clinical training.


Your child will have the undivided attention of a therapist throughout the entire day. They will play together, learn together, develop communication skills, eat together, and work on anything specific your child may need.

ABA therapy provides a fun, stimulating, and challenging environment. Our therapists are friendly and sweet, and kids look forward to coming in and seeing them each day.


Insurance Covers the Cost

Virtually every commercial health insurance provides great coverage for therapy for children with autism. Our administrative team is happy to navigate the insurance process for you and make the enrollment process simple. We also have payment programs to make sure cost isn't a factor that would keep children from receiving the ABA services they need.


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Free Diagnostic Assessment for Autism

If you have concerns about your child’s development but don’t have an Autism Diagnosis, we can help! We want children who have Autism Spectrum Disorder to be diagnosed as soon as possible, if clinically necessary, so therapy can have its maximum effect! We work closely with many pediatricians to assist in diagnosing autism, and we don’t charge for our diagnostic assessments. Contact us to schedule an autism assessment today.


We're all in this together. The health, safety, and progress of our kids and employees comes first. Click here to read more about how we're keeping our centers safe, continuing to provide essential services, and taking on all new families in need during this time.

Action Behavior Centers are currently offering virtual assessments.

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